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Mod post: Thank you very much and goodbye!

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say a huge thank you to you, our dear readers and Twitter followers, for all your support, comments and messages over the last two years that this comm has existed. We would also like to say a special thank you to all the fans who have shared their photos, videos, reports, tweets, info and scans. We also especially thank all those who have left wonderful comments and tweets on our last mod post. Of course, we are also very thankful to the entire cast and crew of Merlin for this show that has touched our lives in special ways.

We have had a wonderful time managing this comm because of all of you. We are very honored and grateful to have been part of your experience in the Merlin fandom. We wish you all the best, and may the magic always be with you in one way or another. :)

- the Merlin Network mods


TV Addict has a retrospective article on Merlin published before the airing of the last episode. Excerpt below:

"Whether MERLIN ends tears or laughter, we feel privileged to have shared its five year journey. We loved getting to know Merlin, Arthur, Gwen, Morgana and all those jaw-droppingly handsome knights. We even held a soft spot for the curmudgeonly King Uther and his faithful friend Gaius. Then we were in absolute awe of the Great Dragon who looked so regal and imposing even in his final days. There has been much to marvel at over the years and we loved every second of it.

Thanks for inviting us along to peer into the magical world of Camelot and those who resided there. Of all that we shall miss, we shall miss finding out what the next chapter would have revealed. Surely there are more grand adventures to be had, if only we could have seen them. Thanks for the memories and know that you’ll be in our hearts forever."
Colin & Katie"s photo booth pictures
Instagram user  tvguidemagazine: "Catch all the fun and secrets of #Merlin on the series finale tonight on #Syfy! #colinmorgan #katiemcgrath @tvguidemagazine #PhotoBooth"
Via Merlin's Keep. Katie will appear in the 4th episode; Dates will air on Channel 4 in June.

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In "The Hero Complex" section of the Los Angeles Times, Rupert was interviewed about his experiences playing Sir Leon and getting to know the other knights, as well as a little bit about his upcoming guest role in The White Queen. Read the full article here. Excerpt:

"I did a guest part in a show called “The White Queen,” which is a BBC and Starz co-production, based on a Philippa Gregory novel. I think it’s coming out in London in the summer and coming to Starz in the U.S. in October. And then just trying to decide what I want to do next, not that it’s always down to me, but just looking for the next good job. When you’ve done a big show like “Merlin,” you want to keep up and try and make sure you do good things. What’s been amazing with the fans and the followers we get for “Merlin,” they’re all so interested to see what we’re doing next. So it’s kind of making sure you do things that they would want to watch so they don’t have to sit through rubbish."
Merlin's Keep has updated their site with high res photos of Colin at The London Studios for his appearance on This Morning last 28 May. Click here for the gallery of photos inside the studio, and here for candids outside. A zip file can be downloaded at this link (21 images).

Rupert interview with 'Red Eye Chicago'

From Red Eye Chicago: Rupert Young on 'Merlin': 'We saw the show out in style' [extract below]:

Are you missing your friends from the cast?
I am, yeah. The good thing about it is you do catch up a lot after the show. I've done a few jobs where you get very close to people and you say you must keep in touch and you never see them again. But with this it's different because we've spent so many years with each other. We kind of have this bond that, you know, a lot of people have gone off and done work and done other things since we finished. But we always come back and see each other.

Adetomiwa interview in 'This Is Bristol'.

Adetomiwa's new play, Lionboy, runs from 29 May to 1 June.  His comments regarding Merlin can be read in This is Bristol's article Merlin star thrilled by role in magical tale.  Full article can be read by clicking on the link.

But the Nigerian-born British actor is best known for his role in the hit television series Merlin, starring as the brave and loyal Sir Elyan, knight of Camelot and Guinevere's brother. "Merlin was brilliant fun," says Adetomiwa. "I had a great couple of years on the show. I spent most of my time on set with the other knights and we had a blast. Hopefully some of the good banter we had came across onscreen.

"It wasn't all fun and games – there were many early mornings, late nights and tough days filming on location. But being a long-running series there were a lot of permanent fixtures in the cast and crew so it was more like working in theatre in that we became a family.  "Good humour got us through the hard days and made for a playful atmosphere on the good ones. The out-takes don't do justice to the amount of laughter on set!"

Video of Colin's appearance on 'This Morning'

Thanks to BJs Realm for uploading this video of Colin's appearance on 'This Morning' on 28 May.

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